Buells for sale to US patriots

27th September 2016


LAP | 1190RS| 1190RX | 1190cc | Erik Buell


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Erik Buell Racing bikes for sale


Steve Smith, CEO of Erik Buell Racing (EBR) is calling upon "patriotic Americans" to come forward and test ride the new 2017 Buell sportsbike range. We've just been reading this in a press release, and if that doesn't sound as desperate as Hillary Clinton battling for the US White House, we don't know what does. The underlying news is that the parent company, Liquid Asset Partners (LAP), has announced the launch of its 2017 model range following an "amazing summer".  LAP acquired EBR in January 2016 for a little over $2million. The expectation, understandably, was that LAP was intending to strip the company and liquidize the assets. However, LAP decided to keep the business afloat and recommenced building bikes in March 2016. A buyer is still being sought, but EBR, based in Troy, Wisconsin, has had a very rocky road and is commercially tainted. Consequently, it will take a brave, resourceful and wealthy individual or company to rise to this particular challenge.


Much restructuring has been going on over the past few months, and EBR has promised that something "Quick, Dark, and Low" for urban street riders is on the way, possibly this autumn. To that end, the company will soon be showing its phiz at numerous bike shows from New York to Chicago to Dallas to California hoping to seduce dealers and buyers alike with its "All American Sportsbikes" based on the current 1190cc platform.


If Erik Buell currently has a hand in any of this, there's no mention. And that probably means that he's busy elsewhere licking his wounds and possibly planning his next project. He's a talented engineer, and a great rider, and he's got engine oil for blood. If he can bounce back, he will. But as far as he's concerned, EBR looks like a lost cause. Then again, you never know...






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