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Triumph T140 Bonneville
& TR7 Tiger buyers guide



When I bought my first T140, a mate rode over on his CB250 Honda, took a look, frowned and said, 'You'll be dead in a bloody week on that, mate.' I said, 'Oh? Why?' And he said, 'British bike. They leak oil. Don't handle. Don't stop. Snap cranks. And fall apart at the worst possible moment.' So I said, 'You want a take it for a blast?' And he said, 'Yeah.' Three days later he bought a new T140, and he still owns it, plus two others. I've since owned six or seven T140s, currently own three, have ridden tens of thousands of miles on 'em, including a year or two on the London despatch circuit. And I'm still alive. Mostly.

Come find out why...

 – Danny DeFazio





Large range of cool & casual
motorcycle T-shirts from £12.99


We didn't want to get into the T-shirt business. It was an accident (but fortunately nobody was injured). When we started Sump, we really weren't thinking a long way ahead. Actually, not much further than the nearest pub. We just wanted to produce the best possible motorcycle news and features website given our general state of inebriation and limited "skill set". Anyway, we set to work cobbling it all together, sketching page designs and batting ideas back and forth, and arguing about the name. Etc.


Someone suggested 'Rockerama,' and we ignored that. Someone suggested 'Back Street Easyriding Classic Bikers'. And someone else added '...from hell!' And we ignored that too. Another suggestion was something that we can't repeat this side of the watershed, and about a hundred other names went into the pot and we stirred it all around.


Finally the name 'Sump' bubbled up. And we thought, 'Yeah! Sump. That's where all the oily, greasy dregs go. Like us. Perfect.' And the die was cast. Anyway, it was about ten minutes after that that someone else asked, 'And how're we gonna fund this magnificent erect organ of delight and entertainment?' So we slowly whittled down the options (most of them illegal, improbable and downright stupid) to books and T-shirts and metal signs and stuff like that. And these tees were our first, so be nice to them. They've got a special place in our twisted hearts, you know?



BAD-ASS BIKER T-shirt £19.99


Having a good sense of humour can extend your life. Look at Ken Dodd. He's about 150 years old and still laughing. And even if he croaked tomorrow (which we sincerely hope he doesn't), he would still have proved the scientists right. Humour really is the best medicine. It does things with the chemicals in your brain. Good chemicals. And if it doesn't work immediately, double the dosage. That's why we invented this BAD ASS BIKER T-shirt. It will make both you and other people smile and laugh, and it's available without prescription. Click on the image and take a closer look at what it says. And start smiling. It's healthy, non-fattening and highly contagious.



Classic motorcycle metal signs


Classic bike metal signs


We were hanging around in the garage which had about six nude calendars on the wall. Lady nudes, that is. None of that six-pack fella stuff. Don't ask us where the calendars came from. They just ... appeared. Anyway, a heating engineer came around that day to fix the boiler-thingy in the garage. He took a look at the calendars and gave us a lecture on sexism. Can you believe that? We stood there with jaws hanging loose as this middle-aged baldy bloke explained the damage we were doing to girldom. Or womandom. We said, "We take your point, but the calendars are up now. If you don't tell, we won't." He wasn't impressed, so we acquiesced to his more delicate sensibilities and got some tin signs instead. But we miss the girls...



BSA Golden Flash ebook


BSA Golden Flash
eBook £4.99


Take note, people, that this is an electronic book, not paper. It's PC friendly, but it doesn't like Macs and might not work on other platforms. It was designed on a PC for other PCs. Put simply, it's a photo-extension of Sump's BSA Golden Flash buyers guide. Try it. But note that this is an exe file. A self-running program. We say it's safe, but do you trust us? Hint: Our mother's wouldn't...




Classic bike T-shirt from Sump


Genuine Sump
T-shirt £14.99



We wanted to design a T-shirt for the girls. Something pink, maybe. And fluffy. Maybe with a picture of a fridge on the front. Or a washing machine. Then we suggested it to the Queen of Sump. "Pink?" she said. "Yeah," we said. "With a fridge?" she said. "Any make you like," we said. "Or a washing machine?" she said. And we said nothing. Then came the fist...


Finally, we settled on this design, and everyone was happy. Ish. Just think yourself luckily that's a Speed Twin on this tee. It could have been a Hotpoint.



BSA B50 eBook


BSA B50 eBook


We were down in Wapping, East London hanging out with a bloke named Dave Baron (Hi, Dave!). He's into BSA B50s, and we wanted some snaps for posterity. He said he wasn't very photogenic. He said he felt a bit awkward. He said he wasn't used to cameras. So we gave him lots of instructions. How to look cool. How to look slim. How to look hunky. Stuff like that. He said "Okay, I'll 'ave a go." So we got the Box Brownie out. And guess what? The bastard was a natural. This guy's so cool he could start a new ice age. He's a real Beeza Geeza, and we gave him a Beeza Geeza T-shirt to warm him up a little.

Check the freebee eBook. Check the T-shirt too if yer 'ard enough.



Motorcycle eBook




If you're into war bikes and military history, this eBook might interest you. It's a collection of images from WW2 and other conflicts coupled with some memorable quotes and assorted words of wisdom. It's free to download, but (like the Golden Flash eBook above) it won't run on a Mac, and might not work on other platforms. Follow the link and see how it came about. But note that this is an exe file. A self-running program. We say it's safe, but do you trust us?



Classic bike T-shirt



Sump "Goggles" T-shirt £14.99


We found a T-shirt printer in Hackney, East London. He came highly recommended. We rode around there on the Bonnie and told him what we wanted. A T-shirt with a pair of goggles hanging around the neck. He said "I don't sell goggles". We said, "No, we don't want real goggles. Just inked on goggles. Like an optical illusion thingy." He nodded and gave us a price. We put some money down. Two days later we heard that he'd skipped town. About four months on, we went into another T-shirt firm less than a mile away. It was just by chance. In passing. And have a guess who was behind the counter? Naturally we got a full refund. Beyond that, our solicitor has advised us to say nothing else. It's a strange world, huh?






BSA M20 metal sign


A bike shed or garage without a properly dressed wall is a sad and lonely place, brother/sister. Believe us, we know. From personal experience. That's why we devised these cool metal signs. Instead of rolling your pride and joy into a dull a dismal space and leaving it for days (or weeks) on end, you can create a cool and interesting refuge that you, your bikes and your mates will actually want to hang around in. What's that? You've already started. Well good. With our signs, you can add to your collection and make that space, ace. Click one of the links and be transported. And remember, a sad and lonely bike is an unhappy bike. Don't you think you owe it to your wheels?





Typhoon shackle lock



This is a large shackle lock that will give you extra protection for your motorcycle. The overall dimensions are 15.5-inches x 5.5-inches (393mm x 139mm).

The internal shackle dimension are approximately 12-inches x 3.5-inches (310mm x 90mm). The lock weighs around 5lbs (2.25kg). Three keys are supplied. The bright green colour will help remind you that you've got the lock in place, and it will help deter the opportunist thief from messing with your property. For more convincing security, we recommend a heavy duty chain lock such as the Fury (1.8m) or Nimrod (1.5m). Check the details of these locks. [More information...]






Fury chain lock (1.8m)



The Fury chain lock is a MONSTER. The combined weight (lock and chain)is around 17.5lbs (8 kilos) which makes it more suitable for home use than for toting around on your travels. But you can transport this if you need to. Either way, it's a very serious deterrent to all but the hardcore thieves with the correct thievery tools. And even then, a lot of these guys will look for an easier target.


The chain is made from CroMo steel. The lock has various anti-pick/anti-drill features. We have one of these and we're happy to recommend it. Just remember that motorcycle security needs a range of anti-theft measures. The Fury, however, is a great start—and you can start here. [More information...]



Heavy duty ground anchor


No ground anchor?
Well it's a MUST for serious home security. We could have offered a smaller, cheaper item. But small and cheap ain't gonna help when the thieves come calling.

This ground anchor weighs 3.75lbs (1.7kg), has a 5-inch square footprint and is made from 5mm steel plate. It's also double walled and is supplied with four M10 rawl bolts c/w anti-tamper bearings.

Ideally you'll have one of these for each of your motorcycles. But you have to start somewhere, and this is a great beginning for your new, or revised, security screen. Will perfectly suit the 1.8m Fury chain lock.
[More information...]



Tempest disc lock


What's yellow-green
, slips easily over most motorcycle discs, offers cost-effective additional security, and is available right here on Sump?

Okay, you already know the answer to that one. But what you might not know is that postage and packing, as with all Sump locks, costs just £1.

For portable, convenient and highly visible bike security, these are ideal. Just remember that motorcycle security is an on-going concern. We advise you to buy a more substantial chain lock or shackle lock for added protection. [More information...]


Disc lock reminder


Remember to remember
this one when buying our Tempest disc lock, or if you've already got a disc lock on your bike.

More than one biker has come to a sudden and unforgiving halt when trying to ride away having forgotten that one or more of his discs has been bolted.

This little reminder will go a long way to protect both you and your bike. It will also send a visible signal to opportunist thieves that your wheels, are not for the taking. [More information...]



Nimrod CroMo chain lock £64.99

The Nimrod CroMo
chain lock is a baby brother to the Fury. But it's still a serious handful of heavy duty steel that weighs a little over 11lbs (5kg).

We're offering it with a 1.5 metre chain to help keep it portable whilst increasing your chances of looping it around a fixed object when you're out and about (and we know how hard it can be sometimes to locate and employ a suitable item of street furniture). The lock is supplied with three keys and a fabric sheath to protect your paintwork or chrome. Nice. [More information...]


Triumph Bonneville metal wall sign


Triumph Bonneville sign


This sign isn't part of our usual range. But we're always on the prowl for new images and we like this one. It's simple. And to the point. So we've bought a batch to retail.

The sign is 400mm x 300mm. It's printed on heavyweight steel, direct-to-metal. We ain't the only people selling these. But there's a lot of pirated tat on the market of much poorer quality. With these signs, we check 'em carefully. We deal only with the official supplier and manufacturer. And we check them individually before despatch. If they're rubbish, they go in the trash. If they're good to go, we send.

So who do you trust?


Motorcycle safety sticker


STOP: Broken neck?
helmet sticker
£1.95 (pair)


Yes, it's a grim sticker. No one wants to be reminded of the fact that motorcycling carries risks. But everything we do has inherent dangers, and we need to be aware of that fact.


This particular risk concerns the dangers of removing a crash helmet at the scene of a road accident. Most "first responders" and even members of the public are pretty savvy about not making matters worse, but we ain't taking any more chances than we have to. Nor should you.


Note: postage and packing is free when combined with other orders. Discount will be applied either automatically on purchase, or when we review the order.



Brough Superior SS100 metal sign


Brough Superior SS100
metal sign



These are also designed by us at Sump, and you can buy them only from us (so beware of cheap imitations).

We tried not to get too fancy. Instead, we aimed for something that George Brough himself would have approved of. Something fairly modest, yet stylish. Something clear and crisp and clean.

Like us.

Most of us are never going to ride a Brough Superior let alone own one. Then again, you can get carried away with these things. The real fun of
any motorcycle is the fact that they take you places, and you can do that on plenty of other motorcycle marques.

Still, a spin around a block on a Brough would be kinda ... well, interesting.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy our Brough Superior metal garage sign. We call it the "Rolls Royce of Signs". But then, you gotta ham it up a little in this world if you want to make a few quid.

Ask George Brough.



Sump magazine sticker


Sump goggles sticker


What you see is what you get. One oval Sump sticker, made in England, priced at 75p plus postage and packing (or free postage and packing when combined with other orders).


Pioneer Run eBook


Pioneer Run eBook


It's free, but it ain't cheap. This is a nice little photo record of the Pioneer Run with a little poetry to inspire, amuse and provoke a little thought. You don't have to be a culture vulture to enjoy it. But it helps...





Road safety stickers


Promoting road safety is in everyone's interest, except perhaps the funeral trade. You can do your bit for the war effort with these Sump designed stickers. Suitable for your top box, car bumper, crash helmet or

wherever. Fast despatch.



THINK BIKE bumper sticker  - £1.95



THINK BIKE bumper sticker


We don't have to explain this sticker, except to add that we wanted to put our own stamp on an old message. The sticker is made of vinyl. The dimensions are 210 x 40mm. It's designed to sit on your rear bumper (or wherever you can fit it) and help drive home the familiar message that drivers (in particular) need to look EXTRA HARD for motorcycles. We included the Sump goggles device to help reinforce the vision/motorcycle thing.


Note: postage and packing is free when combined with other orders. Discount will be applied either automatically on purchase, or when we review the order.



IDIOTS TAILGATE bumper sticker - £1.95



IDIOTS TAILGATE bumper sticker


Tailgating is one of the main causes of traffic accidents (and one of our pet peeves). It isn't simply that the fool behind is driving so close that he actually runs into you. It's also a problem because tailgaters are a major distraction, which means that the tailgatee (to coin a new word) is more likely to run into the vehicle ahead of him or her, or make some other error.


In short, tailgating kills.


We've been hit on two wheels and on four. So we're fighting back. Yes, it's probably bows and arrows against the lightning. But it's either this, or doing nothing (until they licence handguns and make murder legal). So come and join our mini-crusade aimed at making the roads a little safer. The dimensions of this sticker are 210mm x 45mm. The material is vinyl. Will suit boot/tailgate or bumper.


Note: postage and packing is free when combined with other orders. Discount will be applied either automatically on purchase, or when we review the order.



CAUTION: FRONT & REAR CAMERAS bumper sticker - £1.95





Do we really have cameras on our own vehicles? We certainly do (see this Sump Comment piece for details). We also wear helmet cameras whenever we're on the road, and the cameras have paid off more than once. We're talking hard cash here. Moreover, our cameras have led to at least a couple of prosecutions (and have jerked the leads of numerous silly truckers).


Of course, cameras don't make everyone moderate their behaviour. But they do inhibit many drivers from doing stupid things on the road, and we recommend investing in the available technology (which is cheaper every day, and with higher and higher resolution). But even if you haven't yet splashed out for an in-car/on-bike camera system, you can still wear a sticker and bluff it (Tip: Get a proper camera sooner rather than later).


These stickers are made of vinyl. The dimensions of this sticker are 210mm x 45mm. The material is vinyl. Will suit boot/tailgate or bumper, or even a top box.


Shame that we have to live in a world where we need security cameras. But that's the world we live in. Get over it.


Note: postage and packing is free when combined with other orders. Discount will be applied either automatically on purchase, or when we review the order.







We only sell signs that we

hang on our own walls. If you have a problem with anything you buy from Sump, tell us and we'll sort it out. Pronto.

No fuss. No arguments.


Classic bike shop


We've been meaning to get this page up online for a long time. The products we sell here help fund Sump, and that keeps this magazine free-to-air, and that keeps you Sumpsters coming back week after week.

But the thing is, we didn't want to stuff this online shop with just anything. Instead, we're trying to be a little ... well, selective and flog only the stuff that we like and want to lend our good name to.

So this is where we're currently at. Some books (including eBooks), some T-shirts, and some metal motorcycle signs and some stickers.

We've got other stuff in the pipeline, and it will all be along as and when we're ready. We ain't in a hurry here, you understand.

Meanwhile, see if anything here catches your eye. If it does, just do whatever comes naturally and we'll despatch asap (i.e. usually within 24 hours).



Postal costs & discounts


Postal costs are high these days, particularly if you live on the opposite side of the world from the UK.

We do everything we can to keep costs down. But there are certain realities here.

However, if we can arrange postal discounts anywhere, we will.

Above all else, although (like any business) we very occasionally screw-up the odd order, we won't cheat you. So if you have a problem anywhere, just email us and we'll slap someone around here and will sort it out.


We wouldn't take any nonsense from anyone, and we wouldn't expect you to take any from us.

And remember to come back soon. We're looking at a lot of other stuff.

Let's do some business.






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