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27th September 2016


Philippe Guyony | Fritz Egli | The untold story


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Vincent Motorcycles book


"The untold story since 1946." That's the sub-heading on Veloce Publishing's new tome on Vincent Motorcycles. Written by Philippe Guyony, with a foreword by none other than Fritz Egli (Vincent frame specialist and ex-racer), this 400 page hardback promises the following (in Veloce's own words):

• Understand how the Vincent 998cc V-twin became a ‘living legend’.

• Discusses why and how the brand declined into bankruptcy, despite engineering excellence.

• Read how and why the 1000 Vincent inspired – and continues to inspire – generations of mechanics and engineers.

• Explains why the 1000 Vincent gave birth to so many specials over a 70 year period.

• See how Fritz Egli transformed the Vincent, and his effect on the Japanese motorcycle industry.

• Unravels the imbroglio of the Egli-Vincent production model and replicas over a 45 year period: the most copied bike ever.

• Reveals why the design is still capable and competitive today, on track and on the road.

• Discover the Vincent racers that proudly and successfully stood-up to modern motorcycles until the late 1970s.

• Presents a comprehensive view of Vincent derivatives up to the present day, including café racers, choppers, and bobbers.

• Considers the future of Vincent.


How well the book achieves all this remains to be seen because the publication has only just been released, and we're yet to see a copy. So until we do, we'll confine ourselves to the basics.


Vincent Motorcycle book - inside page


There's said to be 875 colour and B&W pictures. The book dimensions are 248mm x 248mm. The ISBN is: 978-1-845849-02-3. And the price is £100. At least, that's what Veloce's asking on its website. But as ever, you can shop around and get yourself a better deal if you've got the time, temper and inclination.


Vincent Motorcycle book - Veloce


Naturally, the more cynical among you will perhaps feel that this is probably a £30 - £40 book that's carrying a hefty premium simply because the Vincent boys have got deep pockets and will buy pretty much anything if it looks authoritative enough and talks about the greatest thing that ever came out of Stevenage, Hertfordshire. And naturally, we can't comment because as we said, we haven't seen the hard copy.


Certainly, the pdf we downloaded didn't give us the immediate feeling that there was anything special about this book. It actually looks a little sparse. Vacant. And even unfocussed. But as they say, you can't judge one by its cover (or by half a dozen or so pages inside). So sooner or later we'll be digging deeper.


Veloce usually get around to sending us a copy. If and when they do, we'll spill the beans in the usual way.






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