Royal Enfield Continental GT

535cc, OHV, pushrod single, cafe racer built for performance, poise and pose


Royal Enfield Continental GT  pros


Looks: Instant cafe racer. Prettiest (Indian) Enfield so far.

Kickstarter: You won't need it, except for a cafe audience.

Wheels: Alloy Excel rims and chunky spokes. Nice.

Engine: Tried, tested, reliable and attractive.

Price: 5,200 when launched. But it's pushing it for some.

Classic appeal: Fits seamlessly into the scene.

Modifications: Lots of potential. Expect the unexpected.

Paintwork: Looks good up close, but time will tell.

Rear-sets: Not exactly, but close. Fair balance for most.

Economy: 60-70mpg possible. And more.

Build quality: Overall, Royal Enfield has upped its game.




Royal Enfield Continental GT cons


Performance: Needs a serious shot of Viagra.

Frame: Harris Performance design, but heavy looking.

Pillion: Ho, ho. ho.

Flyscreen? Where is it? [Check out this Skidmarx link]

Cockpit fairing? See flyscreen above.

Size: 54-inch wheelbase. Compact for taller riders.

Switchgear: Not bad, but not up to Brit/Jap standard.

Vibration: Becomes intrusive above 4,000rpm.

Electric start: Extra weight (real rocker's kick 'em into life).

Half-hearted: Could have been a little edgier/raunchier.

Colour: Unimaginative livery. More options needed.



Royal Enfield Continental GT riding

The Continental GT on the move. It's come a long way since the original Redditch-built Contis, and it looks good for a few more miles. Easy servicing, great parts availability, excellent fuel economy, and a decent (if not exactly cutting-edge) ride. So why the hell wouldn't you buy one? Go check out the competition and come back and tell us...


 royal-enfield-continental-gt-handlebars-and-instruments royal-enfield-continental-gt-primary-side

Royal Enfield has done a great styling job with the Continental GT but some would say it was too late in arriving. Ten years ago, the world might have gasped. Today, the world simply nods approval. Would we buy one? Not at 5,200.


  starting-the royal-enfield-continental-gt continental-gt-from-royal-enfield

The Continental GT is trying to tap into a new market, that being the new age fashionistas who have embraced the modern trendy Belstaff world. Sounds like a plan, but fashion is a fickle friend. That market might suddenly vanish up its own exhaust pipe. Royal Enfield would be well advised to remember that and stay close to its more traditional market. Love that red, huh?



The Royal Enfield Continental GT is also available in yellow. What's surprised us a little is how tame the livery is on this bike. Perhaps Enfield is simply playing a very cautious hand rather than making a strong opening bet. And if so, perhaps that's the smart play. But we think it ought to have had more attitude, livery-wise. So what do you think?


 Royal Enfield Continental GT specifications


The Continental engine


Gearbox, brakes, forks

Continental GT price


Royal Enfield Bullet:
"Ride The World"




14.99 plus P&P


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