Classic bike people


▲ That's Matchless Man, Pat Gill.

He's standing beside his 1929 Matchless Model X, and he rides it the way it was supposed to be ridden, which means with gusto. Pat's got more Matchless motorcycles than we can count, and he's always looking out for more. You can read all about Pat and his biking penchant if you check his name on the list to the right, or click on his name above.

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Classic bikers come in all shapes and sizes. We know this for a fact because at Sump we've got a few interesting shapes and sizes of our own to contend with. But we get by, just like everyone else.


The idea with this feature is to get up close and personal with a few other boys and girls and their motorcycles, and then see what makes them and their wheels tick and rattle and roll.


Some of these features are getting a little old. But hey, that just makes them even more "classic" than they were when we first hoisted them up on the internet yard arm.


We're adding to this feature as and when time and energy allows. But if you want to put your ugly mug up here with these characters, send us a few snapshots (ideally in focus) together with a few words (ideally in English), and we'll expose you and your bits to the world.


There's no money involved, unless you really want to send us some. But if we like what we see, we'll send you a Sump T-shirt of your choice, and we'll probably think nicely of you if anyone asks.


That's it for now. Check out the list on the right and get acquainted. Your turn will come around whenever you choose to do what needs to be done.








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