Vozz rear entry helmet

16th December 2015


RS 1.0 | Australia | Crash helmet | John Vozzo


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John Vozzo, from the Land of Oz, is the creator of the potentially revolutionary RS.1.0 Vozz crash helmet that will make "the pull-on and pull-off crash helmet extinct".


We're advised that Vozzo was mucking around in his garage with a skydiving lid when a friend arrived, and one thing led to another, and suddenly a new way of looking at crash helmets was born. There's no chin strap. That's one of the key points. You open the rear access hatch, or door, or flap, or whatever the hell it's called, and you stick your noggin inside.


There's a ledge to support your chin, and you shut the door behind you and secure it in some manner.


Another convenient feature of this design is that it makes for a tighter fit. Why? Because you don't have to squeeze it over the widest part of your head; therefore you don't have to make it wider than you really need. And a tighter fitting lid is, of course, a safer lid.


There's an emergency release button, and the design is patented all over the place.


Now factor in the reduced wind noise (due to the aforementioned tighter fit), and consider the alleged improved aerodynamics (also due to the tighter fit/smaller overall size), and it sounds like a recipe for a revolution. But we'll reserve judgement until we see one up close and get ourselves inside it.


The lid has got ECE and DOT certification, and currently you can get one only in Australasia. But the firm reckons that by next year (2016) the helmet will be available in Europe.


And the price? That would be AUS $888 which, at today's exchange rate, is around 427. Convinced?



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