Triumph's flaming promise

29th November 2015


Priority booking | Hinckley | Motorcycle Dealer


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Flaming? Well it certainly lit our fuse because this story doesn't sound like it's worth the paper the press release was written on (and is fit only for a match).


The long and short of it is that if you visit Motorcycle Live between 28th November 2015 and 6th December 2015 and pick up a FAST TRACK PRIORITY BOOKING FORM and order a new Triumph Bonneville by 14th December 2015, Triumph promises to ... well, to fast track your order come the new year.


Of course, the inverse of that nebulous pledge is that if you don't pick up a FAST TRACK PRIORITY BOOKING FORM, or if you buy a Bonnie after 14th December 2015, your bike will be SLOW TRACKED to your dealer and you'll receive it whenever. Now here at Sump, it seems that when you order a bike, you want to be the next in line and take delivery asap.


Morever, if Hinckley is going to promise a fast track delivery, let's at least actually have a date instead of a vague commitment to speed up the purchasing, manufacturing and ownership processes. Maybe we're reading this all wrong. And maybe we'll get around to asking Triumph who dreamed up this stupid idea.


But first, Hinckley will need to pick up one of our FAST TRACK PRIORITY EMAIL FORMS if they want to get our knees under the confab table at some indeterminate date in the near or possibly very distant future. These days, we're all busy, huh?



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