Triumph Explorer for 2016

25th November 2015


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New Explorer from Triumph

Triumph is boasting six new Explorers for the coming year. The road-focussed variants are the XR, XRx and XRt models. For off-road, there are the XC, XCx, XCa machines. All machines share the same 1215cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 6-speed, shaft-drive triple engine.


Features (on most models) include cornering ABS and traction control, semi-active suspension, an electronic hill-hold control, and an electrically-adjustable screen. But the entry-level bikes in each series will, naturally enough, be equipped to a lower specification.


Perhaps the most significant leap forward is the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMS) which tells the bike which way up it is, and how much off-kilter it might happen to be. That aids traction and braking and generally takes a lot of the risk out of riding under tricky conditions. There's also a torque-assisted clutch for lighter engagement.


Eventually, you'll be able to sit at home and watch TV while your bike takes itself for a ride. But that day hasn't yet arrived. There's no word yet on specific engine upgrades. Prices will follow in the new year, or maybe a little earlier if Triumph's accountants and marketing people burn some more oil.


Meanwhile, check out Sump's Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 page



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