Touratech Aventuro Mod

17th December 2015


Crash helmet | Flip front | Deposit | "Pre-order" 


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Touratech Adventuro crash helmet

What the hell does "pre-order" mean? And how is "pre-order" different from "order"?


These days, everyone's saying it. But we can't figure it out. Looks like it's time for another beer, and while we're guzzling that, we'll tell you what little we know about the new Touratech Adventuro Mod flip-front lid that you can "pre-order" and pre-sumably pre-wear on your next adventure into the wilderness.


Amusingly, Touratech reckon that the lid won't be ready until February 2016, and they want a fifty quid deposit when you pre-order. Pre-posterous, we say. Is this firm that hard up for cash? Well maybe they are. They certainly want to pre-bill you for at least part of the total price (which they haven't revealed). And to sweeten you up a bit, Touratech would like to pre-sent you with a Buff neck tube.


We think these kind of pre-conditions are a bit pre-cipitous and pre-sumptuous, and we wouldn't be pre-pared to hand over fifty smackers for a deal like that. But maybe we shouldn't pre-judge them and ... wait a minute, what the hell does pre-judge mean? And how is it different from judge? And maybe it's time for yet another beer, huh?





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