Sonic Scrubber Pro-Detailer

20th April 2016


Nippy Normans | Motorcycle cleaning system


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SonicScrubberWe don't know what's sonic about it. That is to say, it probably buzzes like a wasp. But so does a wasp. And nobody calls a wasp a sonic insect.


We figure that when you call something "sonic" it ought to have something more than a miniature electric motor at its core.


We were hoping (at least) for a laser type thingy that zaps dirt and grime with ultra-high frequency inverted sub-nuclear gamma rays or something. But no. It's just a buzzing electric motor on a stick and looks suspiciously like a larger than usual electric toothbrush.


SonicScrubber Pro-DetailerThat aside, this little non-gamma ray doo-dah is designed for motorcycle detail fetishists, which is probably what most of us are at least some of the time. The gizmo oscillates 10,000 times per minute, which is reckoned to be twenty-five times faster than the human hand (and we know what you're thinking, so let's not get smutty, huh?)


You don't have to press very hard, incidentally. That's the word, anyway. You just attached whatever cleaning head is appropriate, stick it against something dirty and let it rip. And if it works on your teeth as well, let us know.


Someday they're going to make motorcycle nano-cleaners; tiny (sonic) electronic insects that crawl all over your bike and sort it out while you go down the pub with your mates. But until then, you'll just have to clean your wheels the old fashioned way, or you can take the sonic route.


BMW parts and accessory specialist Nippy Normans is offering these at 15 or 18 depending on whether you want the basic sonic experience, or the full-blown sonic Combi-Kit.


In a dirty world, it's nice to clean up your act every once in a while. Are we right?






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