Schuberth SR2 for 2016

2nd December 2015


Double F-closure | Coolmax | £549.99 | 2D visor


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Schuberth has released details of its new SR2 Supersport helmet for 2016. The helmet shell is fabricated from a "special glass fibre reinforced, thermoset-molded polymer matrix". And if you don't really understand what that means, never mind; it's just techno-babble designed to impress. Just keep in mind that Schuberth makes quality lids and probably picks the best materials available (if not for your safety, then simply to keep up with the competition).


The weight (of a medium sized lid) is 1,295 grams, and the firm reckons that's among the lightest in its class. The helmet has double D-ring closure. It's lined with some kind of Coolmax® stuff that "wicks moisture away".  All the trim is removable and washable, and there's an anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial coating that, who knows, wrecks your immune system or gives you cancer or something (we're kidding, of course, but you've got to be suspicious of all this chemical talk, you know?). It's wind tunnel tested. It's got a reflective thingy at the back.


Additionally, there are new vents up top (ain't there always new vents up top?), and there are three outer shell sizes for six inner fits (53, XS to 63, XXL). And you can get yours in one of seven "decors". One final thing; the designers promise a fresh air supply of up to eleven litres per second. You should be impressed by that because nuclear submarines don't get this much attention to details. We're not big fans of Schuberth designs. But we're not exactly representative of normal homo sapiens. Talk to your dealer (and take an interpreter). Prices are around £549.99.



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