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16th December 2015


Motorcycle | Heyford Park | Saietta R


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NGS stands for New Generation Saietta. And Saietta, we understand, means "Thunderbolt" in an obscure Italian dialect. But linguistics ain't our strong suit, so you can believe what you want.


The tech-head company, based at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire, reckons that this motorcycle is the new breed of electric bike that we've all been awaiting. But it's by no means the first design from this firm.


Saietta has been around 2008, and it's been developing its technology with machines such as the Saietta R first seen in and around 2013. The company has also been heavily involved in racing and general engineering. But the structure and history of this outfit is greatly simplified here so that we can get on with the business of talking motorcycles. But if you want to read all about the firm's vision and associated corporate marketing hype BS, you can pop a pill and check the website.


Meanwhile, the bull-like Saietta NGS is expected to be ready for general sale in 2017. The current price will be around 50,000 for each of the 100 limited edition models, but that will naturally rise or fall according to demand and/or inflation.


The monocoque chassis is revolutionary (but unspecified). The electric motor is also revolutionary (but unspecified). The range is "industry leading" (but, yep, unspecified). In fact, there's so much here that is unspecified that the company might consider calling this bike the NGS Unspecified. Meanwhile, co-founders Lawrence Marazzi and Arvind Rabadia appear to be jumping a very large gun intent on drumming up interest in a project that's just not ready for release.


In fact, the most interesting thing we've heard about this project is that (a) Heyford Park is, according to English Heritage, "possibly the best preserved Cold War airbase in the country", and (b) that the company's R&D offices are housed in a 15,000 square foot "blast resistant structure".


Anyway, good luck to this Saietta. We love innovation, and electric bikes are unquestionably the future of motorcycling (unless some completely new technology happens along). Let's just hope that whatever bikes Saietta brings us ain't all as pig ugly as this one.






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