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12th January 2016


Norton Commando | Dominator | Spare parts


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Norton Commando engine case

Norvil is Les Emery. Les Emery is Norvil. The firm was effectively founded at the beginning of the 1980s and is now perhaps the largest producer of Norton motorcycle spares.


Specifically, Les Emery has created a huge range of parts for the Norton Commando and the Norton Dominator range. What he doesn't have, he makes.


What? Every single part? Well not quite. Just 99 percent of them. That's the Norvil claim, and we've visited Les Emery's premises and can testify that the parts bins are comprehensive and full to capacity.


Norton Commando carburettor manifoldsEmery prides himself on the fact that he uses British firms to recreate his spares. Many of these workshops are local, and many of them were the original suppliers to the old Norton factory.


Emery also builds brand new Norton motorcycles, and that means from the ground up. His bikes can be either faithful replicas of the originals, or they can feature upgraded parts and accessories. He's also very much hands-on and appears to know pretty much everything there is to know about these bikes. To that end, he runs a regular phone helpline for his customers (check with him for current details).


Les EmeryHis real passion beyond motorcycles are his diesel trains, and we're talking about the full size rolling stock. We can't remember how many he's got. He's reduced his collection in recent years. But generally speaking, he doesn't seem to have slowed very much since we last saw him and will talk trains and Nortons for as long as you want.


Les Emery is no special friend of ours, note. We should make that clear. But he's certainly no enemy either, and we're happy to feature Norvil right here on Sump. See our Les Emery Norvil feature by following the link you've just passed. It's a few years old, but it will give you a greater insight into the man and his unique outfit. He employs half a dozen to a dozen staff. Some fairly recent problems has seen that number fluctuate. But he's no one man band. Norvil provides jobs for numerous British workers, and supplies a great home made product.


Norton Commando wheel and hub


Meanwhile, if you want to buy parts for your Norton Commando or Dominator, and if you want them to be right, try Norvil before you opt for the cheap oriental junk.





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