KTM 1290 shock recall

26th May 2016


Super Adventure | Shock absorber | SCU


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When we say "shock" we're talking about the shock absorber on the KTM 1290 Super Adventure. So don't start panicking. However, if you haven't already received an email, text message or letter from your local KTM dealer, get on the blower and call them. It seems that the factory has identified a fault with the semi-active shock absorber, specifically regarding a little plug or something. That plug could leak oil, we hear. And you naturally won't want that happening. So it needs replacing. Also, the factory would like to upgrade the software in the SCU (suspension control unit), and your local backstreet shop probably won't have the right equipment.


That's the word, anyway. On the other hand, we wonder if this SCU business is just a ploy to make sure you talk to KTM rather than anyone else. But would they really do that? You tell us. Regardless, the recall work and techy software upgrade stuff won't cost you a penny, notwithstanding time off work and petrol cost, etc. But it's an imperfect world, you know? So just get it sorted before it sorts you. The recall relates to all 2015 and all 2016 models.





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