Kawasaki Z1000 Sugomi

2nd December 2015


Z800 | 10,749 | 8,349 | Akrapovic | 2016


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"Sculpted" and "aggressive"; that's how Kawasaki is pitching its new Z1000 Sugomi special edition roadster for 2016. Clearly based on the current Z1000 "supernaked", this 1,043cc, 6-speed, in-line, liquid-cooled four will be available in the new year priced at 10,749.


Features include Akrapovic silencers, Candy Crimson Red & Black livery, plus "accent anodising". A Z800 version will also be available priced at 8,349. And naturally, there will be numerous extras for these bikes including a full Akrapovic exhaust system.


We've been looking at this Sugomi for hours, and we're still not crazy about it. The Big K tells us that "all unnecessary flourishes" have been stripped to "boldly highlight [the] brutal functionality".


But, split-infinitives aside, like the standard Z1000, this Kwacker looks over-styled and dated and reminds us of something that H R Giger might have penned. And we're increasingly tired of all the "brutal" and macho imagery. New engine and suspension settings are in the mix. But at the time of writing, Kawasaki hasn't elaborated on those.

And what does Sugomi mean? Well it means "awesome", or "full of dread", or (literally) "to kick", or " to iintimidate." So having seen this bike, we're now totally "sugomied".


Ain't you?



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