HD CVO Pro Street Breakout

27th January 2016


Harley-Davidson | 110B | CVO | FXSB | 1,801cc


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Harley-Davidson CVO Pro Street Breakout for 2016


If you haven't lately taken a university course in Harley-Davidson model nomenclature, sit down, pay attention, and concentrate. Things are apt to get confusing.


This new addition to the illustrious Harley-Davidson range is the FXSB CVO Pro Street Breakout. It's a 2016 model. The first CVO Breakout appeared in 2012/2013. It featured a twin-cam 103B ("B" for balanced engine as opposed to rubber mounted), was flashy and glitzy, and it was slung together by Harley-Davidson's Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) department. The CVO shop is a kind of adjunct to Harley-Davidson's production line. The guys in that department tinker with the basic HD formulas and create limited edition models to be sold at inflated prices. But okay, you always get more bang for the extra buck.


The first 1,690cc CVO Breakout led to the standard 1,690cc Breakout for 2013; i.e. a production version. It was less glitzy and, naturally, didn't have the hallowed CVO tag attached. In 2014 and 2015, the standard Breakout was tweaked. And that basic model is still available, still with the 1,690cc motor (see image immediately below).


Harley-Davidson standard Breakout for 2016


Now Harley-Davidson has sent the Breakout back to the CVO shop and has given us the new bad-ass CVO Pro Street Breakout. And now it's got the 110B engine, meaning 1,801cc of bitchin', ballsy, bombastic, bruisin' bag of hyperbole. Here are the basic specs.


Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B engine

Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Elite open-element intake

Hydraulically operated slipper clutch
43mm inverted forks
Dual front floating discs

Reduced reach front brake lever
"Wind-cheating speed screen"
Electronic cruise control

H-D's Smart Security System
Smoke Satin Chrome & Scorched Chrome finishes
Black blunt-cut mufflers

Two round wheels

And a saddle to sit on


Meanwhile, the rear tyre is a massive 240-section which makes it as wide as Africa. Everything else is as low as Tony Blair's belly, and as mean and moody as any of the tough guys from East Enders.


So what's with the Breakout name? We don't know. But we suspect is just some kind of macho reference to a jailbreak or something. Or maybe it's just acne breaking out as a result of all that testosterone. It happens.


H-D Breakout vent linesThe Milwaukee firm is also making a big deal about "blunt cut mufflers" (make sure you pronounce that properly), smoked braided vent lines, and three-bolt triple clamps (and four-bolt is so yesterday, isn't it?)


Colours are: Starfire Black/Starfire Black or White Gold Pearl/Starfire Black.


The Pro Street CVO Breakout is expected to arrive within a month or two (around March/April 2016), and if you want one, you're looking at £19,995 before you starting adding the usual Stage One or Stage Two, etc, extras. But cool your heels because we're told by numerous UK Harley-Davidson dealers that the allocation is no more than two bikes per shop. That makes around 80 CVO Breakouts coming to the UK. And each dealer should get one white example, and one black.


That, of course, is how Harley-Davidson maintains limited edition exclusivity; by screwing the allocation down to absolute minimal numbers, and maybe that's why Harley's market share isn't currently doing anywhere near as well as the firm's accountants would like (see this Sump story on Harley-Davidson profit fall).




White Pro Street CVO Breakout


What we've ended up with is a much-hyped motorcycle that's supposedly got all the bells and whistles that a wannabe street drag star could possibly want, but can't actually buy if he or she is a little slow off the mark getting down to the dealers. But not to worry because another Harley Hypster® is always on the way with "dark American muscle" and "raw power".


We understand perfectly that when you manufacture a product, even a great product as any HD, you need to sell it. But there's selling, and there's over-selling, and lately, we're starting to gag.


See your Harley-Davidson dealer for more on the CVO Pro Street Breakout. And take an iron bar wrapped in newspaper. It's tough on the street.




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