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10th January 2016


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Halcyon gogglesWe love Halcyon goggles. Like Marmite, Yorkshire Tea, Golden Syrup, and OXO cubes, the brand is one of those things that you grow up with. At least, if you're British, that's how it works.


But Halcyon Classic Parts does more than manufacture eye protection for classic aviators, traditional bikers, and vintage motorists.


The business was founded over 40 years ago and is based in Hertfordshire. If you recall Stadium products, that's where Halcyon's roots lie. For many years the two companies worked together until Stadium refocused its business interests and moved away from the classic sector leaving Halcyon to go it alone.


The workforce is small, but dedicated. Most of the manufacturing is done by hand at Halcyon's factory. The decision was made long ago not to outsource to China, and in some respects it was a difficult decision, not least because Chinese firms are buying and copying Halcyon's products and retailing them at lower prices. And naturally, price matters. But if you want the genuine, British made items, you know who you need to talk to.


In recent years, the company has added to its product range by marketing Nannini goggles from Italy (70 to 80), and Bobster shades from the USA (22 to around 50). The company also sells stainless steel bar end mirrors and classic door mirrors, plus a range of classic scooter products. And if you're ex-RAF (or simply have an interest in military aviation), Halcyon markets a range of box sets commemorating bomber command, fighter command and so on. You can buy direct from the factory, and the business (like all smart businesses) welcomes your feedback whether your feelings are good, bad or indifferent.


Halcyon aviator goggle and gloves set


Ideally, we'd like to say that all Halcyon's products are designed and made in the UK. But that's clearly not the case. However, much of the company's output is made right here in Britain, including the famous Halcyon aviation goggles; the mainstay of the firm.


We reckon a pair of rose-tinted goggles might find a few buyers. But then, some would say that all Halcyon goggles are rose tinted. Which is fine by us. Looking ahead is important. But as you run out of road, looking back is ultimately where it's all at.


Make the most of it.






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