Gerbing XRS-12 gloves

28th November 2015


Heated gloves | 12-volt | Thinsulate | 149 


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Gerbing heated gloves

If you haven't yet got yourself a pair of heated gloves for your autumnal riding, we might suggest the above Gerbing XRS-12 shorty heated gloves that you can hook up to your onboard 12-volt battery and help put some of the fun back into your commute or joyride.


Of course, we all know that real biking men don't need heated gloves. When they get close to frostbite, they simply stop at the roadside, slaughter a warm-blooded mammal, and stick their mitts inside the steaming, claret-filled carcass for ten minutes or so. But for wimps like us, the gloves are an easier option.


Gerbing calls itself the world leader in this sector, and we're always too cold to argue (and we haven't road-tested this product). However, these shorty finger-cookers are available for around 149. Features include stainless steel micro-wires, 0.6mm aniline leather, knuckle protectors, a Thinsulate lining, a temperature controller, and Gerbing's reputation. With the optional battery pack on the XRS-12 gloves (Gerbing's gauntlet style version), the gloves are said to be good for maybe 3 hours of palm-toasting.


But these XRS-12 shorties are 12-volt bike battery only, and that will keep you going until a few hours after you run out of petrol or suffer a breakdown. And then, of course, it's back to slaughtering mammals. Meanwhile, you might want to check out the other stuff in the Gerbing range.





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