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10th December 2015


Oil & leather | Harley-Davidson | Triumph


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Are you one of those cool, trendy, bearded, six-pack, fashion-conscious, macrobiotic designer types? Do you live in or around Shoreditch (East London), or aspire to live there? Do you use the phrase "man-cave" at least once a month? Do you look like you just stepped out of a Triumph Motorcycles' or Harley-Davidson brochure?


Well alright. We're cooking on North Sea gas here because this Flying Tiger Moto Man Oil & Leather Soap could be exactly what you need to bolster your motorcycling credentials. After a hard day at the gym (if you know what we mean by "hard", and if you know what we mean by "gym"), you can take a sexy shower, purify that tanned and toned temple of your body, and then finished off your masculine ablutions with this soapy stuff.


Here's what the Flying Tiger guys say:


"Fresh and manly! This enticing glycerin soap will clean you up, but still have the addictive scent of motorbikes and your favorite [Yankee spelling] leather jacket. Both men and women love it!"


We've got a vague idea that your men friends might like it more than the women in your life. But that's private stuff, and we don't want to go there. 




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