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24th September 2017


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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride T100 Triumph Bonneville


Yes, it's all in a worthy cause. Actually two worthy causes. We know that. We're totally convinced. However, we ride our bikes to get away from these kind of social issues, and the Distinguished Gentlemen and their established international charity rides just brings it right back to where we don't want it.


However, we're no doubt way out of step with most of the rest of the biking planet, so we're giving you the story anyway—or as much of it as we can stand (there are other misgivings here that we ain't gonna get into here).


Distinguished Gentleman's Ride logo


The long and short of it is that Triumph has created a "one off" T100 Bonneville for an Accident & Emergency Nurse named Phil Green (see main image above). For the best part of a decade, Phil's been struggling with health issues; specifically cancer. So he partnered up with the Distinguished Gents and is hoping to raise the issue of men's health (as if we can get away with these issues in this health-obsessed modern world). Triumph Motorcycles has pitched in with this specially built bike.


Another issue that's coming more and more under the spotlight is male suicide (probably exacerbated by hearing non-stop tales of men's health problems). A charity called Movember is helping spearhead this problem, and by 2030 the aim is to extend male lives by an average of 6 years, thereby matching the average global longevity of women.

Logo for Distinguished Gentleman's RideThe Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was the initiative of Aussie, Mark Hawwa. The ride was founded in 2012. Since then, it's reckoned that nearly £6million has been raised.


By the end of 2017, it's estimated that around 70,000 riders would have taken part in the rides in over 600 cities across 95 countries. At the time of writing, around $4.3 million has been raised.

With these kind of numbers, it's hard not to applaud what's been done—and what will probably continue to do be for the foreseeable future. But we're standing back a little and will be making our charitable donation in a more discreet way.


As for the bike, it's a T100 in burnt orange with a Harris Tweed seat and a raft of Triumph accessories. And no, you can't buy one. It's a one-off. But sooner or later this motorcycle is likely to come under the auctioneer's hammer.


So it goes, etc...


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