Davida crash helmets

9th January 2016


Dave Fiddaman | Jet | Ninety-Two | Speedster


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Davida crash helmet

Dave Fiddaman is the man behind Davida. He founded the firm around 30 years ago and has built the business into one of the most respected crash helmet manufacturers in the world. Most of the products are aimed at the classic and custom end of the market. But you can wear these lids (all of which are open-faced, so far) on whatever bike you choose, including sports bikes. And Davida customers do wear these lids on everything from sports Ducatis to GSXRs to what have you.


Davida is based on the Wirral which, if your geography is poor, is a peninsula south-west across the River Mersey from Liverpool. The firm's claim is that it's the only solely UK manufacturer of open-faced crash helmets. In other words, there are similar manufacturers, but only Davida runs its entire operation right here in Blighty. No Chinese input. Nothing from Thailand. Nothing from India. Just the UK.


The Davida workforce is small. The helmets are hand-made. The quality is very high, but not all helmets carry certification for road use. We wouldn't for a second let that bother us. But then, some riders wouldn't touch an open-faced helmet, anyway.


Keep in mind that many, if not most of the lids do carry the ECE-R2205 certification, are ACU approved, and are legal in Scandinavia and the USA (and probably elsewhere too).


However, Davida also manufactures a very traditional skid lid which inherently offers no side protection except for leather ear flaps, and no modern government is going to sanction that.


The most popular Davida helmets are the Jet, the Ninety-Two, and the Speedster. Currently, prices are generally around 250 - 300. When you next go hunting for an open-faced crash helmet, check Davida. You can deal directly with the firm, or you can hunt around the web. There are numerous Davida crash helmet dealers up and down the country who have them on the shelf.





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