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11th January 2016


Laser profiling | Mark Hooton | Stainless steel


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Cymarc V-strom radiator guardWe have to confess that we know very little about Cymarc. So if you're interested in doing business with this North Lincolnshire-based firm owned and run by Mark Hooton, you'll have to ask some sensible questions and/or do a little detective work of your own.


However, we've been looking at Cymarc's website and studying the copy, and we like the sound of this guy. He's says that he's invested in a 300,000 Trumpf Trumatic laser profiling machine (plus a lot of other equipment), and it looks and sounds like he's a dyed-in-the-wool biker happy to develop new products and scratch whatever creative itches he's got at any given moment.


Cymarc BMWR1200GS camera rack

According to his website, he manufactures a range of parts for BMW, Suzuki, Triumph, Kawasaki, and Honda. But clearly, he's willing to tackle pretty much anything that comes his way if it's suitable to be produced on his workshop equipment.


The image left, incidentally, is a custom built camera rack for a BMW R1200GS, and that's another bespoke product from this small engineering firm.


Hooton says that he prefers to put value into his parts as opposed to building-in cheapness. Therefore, the focus is on unique items or small production runs, and that makes him something of an artist as well as an engineer.


Cymarc exhaust hanger in stainless steel

His website is pretty amateur and naive (which is actually reassuring), but the parts we see there (such as various braces, brackets, mounts, radiator shrouds, exhaust hangers, side stand extension plates, bar ends, chain guards and the odd headlight protector) look pretty good.


The bottom line is that this is a small, dedicated, hands-on workshop that strives to produce quality motorcycle parts in quality materials right here in the UK. But if you want mass production parts at knock-down prices, look elsewhere stranger. India and China is full of rubbish.


Mark Hooton owners of Cymarc

So if you have a moment, check out Cymarc. Mark says he's happy to demonstrate the equipment he has, and he can help and advise on parts fitment. He's friendly, approachable, and wherever you are in the UK, he's relatively local. So what more do you want?


Telephone: 01724 289222





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