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6th January 2016


Mark Upham | SS100 | Brough Superior | Euro 4


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Mark Upham, the man behind the revitalised Brough Superior brand, has announced that the firm is now ready to establish a UK dealer network.


At present, the company is focussed on its 997cc SS100 V-twin which was unveiled in the UK in November 2013 (see Brough Superior unveiled).


Three UK customers are reported to have now bought an SS100, each machine costing around 36,000 each (which is the starting price before extras and upgrades). Originally, much higher prices were being mooted by the biking news media, but it looks as if the firm has done much to bring the costs down to more realistic/achievable levels.



There have been delays in supplying the bikes. The problem, we understand, is the thorny issue of getting the motorcycles through the Euro 3 regulations, which has now been accomplished.


Some modifications are still being made to the basic blueprint, and then attention will be on full scale manufacturing followed by gearing up for the Euro 4 regs.


Over the next 12 months, Austria-based Upham is hoping to supply 25 bikes (built in Toulouse, France). Following that, the aim is to increase production in 2017 to 300 units. Is that really achievable?


Let's see.





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