BMW's big bike sales

20th November 2015


R nineT | GS | sub-500cc | G310R | 313cc 


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200,000 bikes built and sold per annum by 2020. That's BMW's latest meisterplan. And yes, we know that you're not supposed to start a sentence with a numeral. But these are very BIG numerals, so we thought we'd break with literary convention.


Currently, the firm is producing around 123,000 motorcycles each year either in the big bike sector, or the much bigger biker sector. But with the recent launch of its 313cc G310R single, the company is entering the sub-500cc category and is looking to clean up in the Asian and Latin American markets and also perk up its established comfort zones in the West.


So what about BMW's core customers who ride the big GSs and the R nineTs (don't you hate the way BMW writes R nineT?). Well, the firm doesn't plan to neglect these guys. And for the world's tree-huggers, we can expect to see more electric bikes. So good luck with all that, we say. BMW builds some of the world's greatest motorcycles.


Meanwhile, remember to buy British if you can. And you can.



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