7th December 2015


Price 19.99 | 100% cotton | S - XXL | Gift


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Being "bad" means different things as and when the years get behind you. This light-hearted
T-shirt was designed for guys and girls who share that sentiment. "Mess with me and you mess with the entire National Health Service." That's the subtext.


But you need to read the rest of the copy to fully appreciate the message. We've got a few dozen in stock and we'll despatch either the same day, or the next day.


If you take life too seriously, this T-shirt probably isn't for you. But if you've still got a laugh left in you, we can help get it out where it belongs.


The tees are pre-shrunk, quality black cotton. Sizes are S - XXL, and the price is 19.99, plus P&P.


We ought to tell you things like: These will make a great gift for someone you love. But we don't go in for those kinds of sly and unsubtle marketing ploys.


We'll simply say that if you don't buy one for your significant other, don't come running to us if he/she beats you up for buying something else. So consider yourself warned.


Help! I really don't want to get duffed-up, so take me quick to Sump's BAD ASS BIKER T-shirt page.



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