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14th January 2016


1959 Bonneville | Triumph TR6 | Pre-unit


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1959 pre-unit Triumph Bonneville at Ace Classics

Ace Classics is the home of pre-unit Triumphs. We're talking about everything from the illustrious 1959 Bonneville to the stunning Steve McQueen TR6 replicas that Ace builds to order to the cool 1950s 650cc Thunderbirds to the seminal pre-unit 500cc Speed Twins.


The guv'nor is Cliff Rushworth. In his younger years, Rushworth was a Triumph-powered rocker regularly running with the London boys. Four decades later he's still managing to keep the rocker flame burning and boasts an impressive collection of personal Triumphs from the classic 1960s era.


Ace Classics Bonneville stud kitHis son, Kev, manages the day-to-day running of Ace. The business sells a limited number of classic Triumphs each year and offers a period-perfect paint service.


But the focus at Ace is the manufacture and supply of pre-unit Triumph spares worldwide, and to that end we can report that Rushworth has recreated hundreds of product lines. Everything is made in the UK. Everything is made to exacting standards using the time honoured methods and techniques. Everything is catalogued and understood. And everything is flogged at very reasonable prices.


We're not talking about petrol tanks and frames and engine cases. Most of this stuff is still available at autojumbles and at established old-school Triumph dealers. Instead, Ace remanufactures the in-between essential bits such as engine bolts, chainguards, battery boxes, handlebar levers, twistgrips, mudguards and stays, coverplates, tank trim, nacelle legs, etc. There's no compromising here. It's exacting and meticulous, or it's not for sale.


Triumph 650cc TT from Ace Classics


But if it's original Triumph spares you're after, Ace regularly repatriates parts from the USA, often via 40 foot containers. And that does include tanks, frames, engine cases, etc. So between the old and the new stuff, you can get pretty much everything you need for your pre-unit 500cc and 650cc Triumph (note that 500cc parts will be limited. The focus is on the 650cc pre-unit Triumphs).


650cc Triumph rocker caps from Ace ClassicsAce Classics is based in Lee, South London. Operating from a couple of adjacent shops on a busy arterial road, the business is managed by 2- 3 staff members. Ace attends the major autojumbles and will ship parts worldwide.


We know this firm well, and we trust them to treat you fairly and honestly. If a spare part is wrong or faulty, Ace won't quibble. But we can't image Ace gets it wrong very often.


Everything is well understood about the bikes that Cliff and Kevin Rushworth support, so if you're looking to build or restore a pre-unit Triumph correctly, it's hard to imagine who knows more than Ace.


And remember, the parts they manufacture are all created in the UK.






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