200cc Suzuki VanVan

25th November 2015


Price 3,300 | Balloon tyres | Review | Specs


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200cc Suzuki VanVan - new for 2016

The diminutive Suzuki VanVan gets bigger every year and is in danger of losing its wind-up rubber band cuteness. Last year, for instance, it was a 125cc runabout with those now familiar balloon tyres, spacious saddle, wide 'bars and a tiny 1.4 gallon (6.5 litre) fuel tank.


For 2016, the capacity of the single cylinder air-cooled engine jumps from 125cc to 200cc, and for VanVan riders, that's nose bleed country. The front disc brake is still two-piston.


Suzuki VanVan for 2016


The rear brake is still a drum. The front wheel is still an 18-incher. The rear is still just 14-inches and carries more air than a dirigible. A 30-inch seat height isn't exactly dragging your rear end in the dirt. But there's a short-path-to-ground, so it's more lowly than you might think. The VanVan weighs in at 282lbs (128kgs) and is arguably the missing link between a monkey bike and a full-sized motorcycle. And that's no put-down. These are simply great fun and have become a modern cult classic. The new colours are: Metallic Triton Blue, Metallic Mat Fibroin Grey or Solid Black.


The gearbox, incidentally, is to lose a cog from six to five. But the extra 75cc of "grunt" should easily compensate for that. The 2015 price is around 3,300 OTR. The 2016 price is expected to be very similar.



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