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29th January 2016


MCN Show | Carole Nash | Coys | Italian classics


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Ducati MH900

We ought to make it clear from the start that many of these motorcycles are modern classics, as opposed to ... well, old classics. We're talking about machines ranging from a 1917 Wanderer 620cc V-twin (Lot 147; est £30,000 - £35,000) to a 1938 Rudge Ulster (Lot 142; est £10,000 - £12,000) to a 2001 Ducati MH900 (Lot 195; est £18,000 - £20,000) to a 1964 Bianchi 500cc Bicilindrica Bialbero (Lot 191: est £120,000-£140,000).


Rudge Ulster 500cc


1938 500cc Rudge Ulster. This bronze head twin-port single was high-tech in its day. That's a 4-valve radial head flowing the gases. The bike was named after Graham Walker's 1928 Ulster Grand Prix win. The estimate is £10,000 - £12,000. Top speed was over 90mph. Not bad for 1938.


All the bikes are going under the hammer courtesy of Coys Valuers and Auctioneers at the Carole Nash MCN Show on the 13th February 2016.  on the 13th February 2016. There's a lot of Italian exotica and, for that matter, general exotica. The venue is the Excel Centre in London's Docklands, and we're advised that it's the first time that an auction has been held there. The auction kicks off at 2.30pm.


Ducati MH900 904cc


2001 904cc Ducati MH900 Evolutzione. Pierre Terblanche's 1998 homage to Mike Hailwood’s 1978 Isle of Man TT win (not to be confused with a Ducati Hailwood Replica). Just 2,000 were built. This is 639.


What makes this sale particularly interesting is that it's a very direct challenge to the supremacy of Bonhams which has for a long time dominated and eclipsed everyone else in the UK classic bike auction scene. And that dominance is well deserved. But Coys is fielding some very interesting bikes, one or two of which have already circumnavigated the auction circuit having failed to find a buyer.


1964 Bianchi 500cc


1964 Bianchi 500cc Bicilindrica Bialbero, another masterpiece from Lino Tonti. Six-speeds, twin-spark, 454cc, gear-driven overhead cams, 72bhp @ 10,200rpm. It's practically rocket science.


With this sale, Coys must be well aware that it's drawing a lot of eyes and can expect some very big money to change hands. We're still analysing the bikes and the estimates, and we'll report on them as and when appropriate. In the meantime, you might want to consider getting down to the MCN Show. The Excel venue is not to everyone's taste, and we're still lamenting the loss of Olympia and Earl's Court. But Docklands has its charms too, and the Coys Auction is likely to generate a lot of excitement.





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